Dairy farms, feeding, udder hygiene and teats dipping

Pre-milking Teats dipping

Pre-milking teats dipping and cleaning are necessary to prevent troubles and control SCC (Somatic Cells Count).

Why cleaning & disinfecting teats before milking?

  • The first objective is to destroy and kill germs on the teat skin and to limit the contamination between cows  by milking equipment (teats cups) and hands’ milking operator.
  • The second objective is not properly for hygiene but to prepare and stimulate the udder to the milk ejection. It contributes to the confort of the animals and thus helps to maintain a healthy udder.

How to clean & sanitize teats before milking?

  • Apply UDDIP with a foaming dipping cup and let the product working for 30s. Then remove it with a single worn towel.

Post Milking Teats dipping

Why sanitize teats after milking?

  • As with teat dipping before milking, the first objective is to kill germs on teats skin, especially germs from milking equipment (teat cups), hands’ milking operator or contaminated towels. Time just after milking is dangerous because the sphincter remains open for more than an hour, so the germs can easily penetrate the udder.
  • Prevent future contamination by environmental germs (bedding) through the skin (injury) or the sphincter.

How sanitize teats after milking?

  • By applying a biocidal product all over each teat just after milking, the risk of infection of the udder by germs coming from equipment and staff is quite limited.
  • By using product with a barrier effect to prevent contamination by germs from the environment (bedding), as said just before, the sphincter is the main way of contamination and it needs 1 h to close, so applying a teats dipping product with a barrier effect contribute to limit the infection by environmental germs until the next milking.

Impact of critical parameters on somatic cells count: Observation from 350 dairy farms in Wallony, Observatory of the udder health (OSaM), Wallonie Elevage January 2013):

Teats dipping and cleaning
Impact of critical parameter on SCC (Somatic cells count) in milk, trial mde with 350 dairy farms.